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PYI Clamp Jackets

Put an end to exposed hose clamp tails! Clamp Jackets by PYI Inc. protect users from cuts and scrapes caused by the sharp ends of hose clamps.

Made out of durable EPDM rubber, the unique sleeve design allows the Clamp Jacket to slip over the tail of a worm gear hose clamp to provide a worker protection from cuts and abrasion from exposed clamp tails. The Clamp Jacket is ideal for a multitude of projects including marine, automotive, industrial, military and even around the house. So quit cutting yourself and get some Clamp Jackets, after all they're cheaper than Band-Aids.

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Clamp Jacket Features

Finger grips on Clamp Jacket

Non slip grips for easy installation and removal.

Hose clamp slit on Clamp Jacket

Self aligning lip makes for quick installation.

T-Bolt Clamp Jacket Features

Grips on T-Bolt Clamp Jacket

No more hasseling with fingers sliding off, indents for super grip when installing and removing.

T-Bolt Clamp Jacket sliding on

Simply slides on 1/4" threads. Protects threads as well as the user.


The PYI Clamp Jacket can be used anywhere there's hose clamps. From marine, automotive, military, household and even industrial applications, the Clamp Jacket will help protect you and the surrounding material.


Marine application

Clamp Jackets are great to use on your boat. Make working on your boat less painful!


Automotive application

Dress up your engine bay with Clamp Jackets. Also protects you from cuts and scrapes while working on your car.


Household application

Make working around the house pain free!


Industrial application

Protect your workers from possible injury with our hose clamp protectors.


Military application

Even the U.S. Coast Guard trusts our Clamp Jackets on their boats.

Technical Specifications

The Clamp Jacket is manufactured from EPDM rubber. EPDM is extremely resistant to weathering and performs well in brake fluids, acids, alkalies, ketones, oils, greases, and steam (up to 400 degrees).

  • Temperature range of -65°F to +300°F
  • Material durometer of 70+ / -5 (Shore A)
  • Tensile strength of 14.3 MPa

Sizes & Styles

Please contact us for information on custom sizes, colors and logos.

Clamp Jacket for 5/16 inch hose clamp

5/16" (8mm)

For Hose Clamps
Available in black or blue.

Clamp Jacket for 1/2 inch hose clamp

1/2" (13mm)

For Hose Clamps
Available in black.

Clamp Jacket for 5/8 inch hose clamp

5/8" (14mm)

For Hose Clamps
Available in black.

Clamp Jacket for T-Bolt hose clamp

1/4" (7mm)

For T-Bolts
Available in black.


The PYI Clamp Jacket

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